Online Giving

How To Give
Click the ONLINE GIVING link (blue button above or below)
You will be taken to our Online Giving Site, click the Register button right below Login.
Fill out your personal information and click Register.
You will be taken back to the Login page. Put in the Username and Password you just created.
Once you have Logged In, you will enter the Payment Method with which you want to make your donation. You have the option of Credit/Debit card, or checking account. Select one of these and then fill out the required information.
Once you have entered your information, your account is set up, and you will be taken to your Personal Profile Page.
On your Personal Profile Page, in the top right corner you will see New Donation. If you click this you will be taken to the Donation Page.
On the Donation Page you will see a list of the different Categories in the church that you can donate to. Simply type the dollar amount you would like to give into the box to the right of the Category you would like to give to.
On the right side of the Donation Page you will see a box with your Account Name and total dollar amount given. In this box you can also set the date you would like your gift to be given, and the frequency, whether it be a one time payment, weekly, or monthly. (Minimum $5.00 gift)
Once you have filled out all this information you will click Save, and your gift will be saved and taken from your account on the day or days which you have specified.

Online Giving